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still lives on Mount Olympus with the rest of the gods, still married to Hera and talks to his son Hercules, has retained his kinder personality


Chernabog, Bill Cipher, the Shadow Blot, Chronos, Hades, the Friends on the Other Side, the Inner Circle

Zeus leads the movement to protect the Disney multiverse. Once a ruthless and sadistic brute, Zeus felt guilt over his former behavior and has dedicated his immortal life to keeping the innocent safe from the Friends. Among good folk throughout every Disney dimension who knows of his existence, he serves as an example of behavior to strive towards. Among the Friends and those who align themselves with such powers, he is a focus of hatred.


He was the son of the Titan Chronos, but unlike his father, he preferred a world of peace and hope to one of suffering and despair. When he was young, Chronos was so desperate to keep the throne of the gods that he swallowed up Zeus's siblings, the other gods of Olympus( including Hades). Zeus was not swallowed due to his mother, Rhea, replacing him with a stone. Eventually, Zeus caused his father to throw up the stone and his other siblings with help from the fairies he met along the way. Together, they gathered allies such as other benevolent higher powers and warred against Chernobog, the Titans and the armies of the Other Side. When the Olympian gods won the battle, Chernobog and the Titans were sealed away by Zeus in the Other Side, while Chronos was sealed somewhere else. Afterwards, he founded the High Council of Heroes to protect the multiverse from attacks by the Friends on the Other Side.

Initially, he was a rambunctious and quite ruthless individual during his younger days and before his siblings got swallowed up. Ever since the first war, he regretted his former behavior and has since then became a gentler and kinder god.