Shadow Blot

The Shadow Blot

The Shadow Blot is a heartless Eldritch Abomination that takes on the form of a living mass of magical paint and thinner.

History and descriptionEdit

The Shadow Blot was the plague that had infected the Wasteland. Created from Yen Sid's tools and giving consciousness accidentally by a young Mickey Mouse, the Blot ravaged the Wasteland for decades until being sealed away by Oswald and Ortensia. The Mad Doctor had been working with a major leaking that had flowed from his bottled prison to eventually find a way to bring the full fury of the Blot back and to take Mickey's heart in order to become the first friend to move beyond the Wasteland and join Chernabog's side in the real world. It would be Oswald himself that accidentally broke the prison, but after a near escape with Mickey's heart and a barrage of fireworks, the Blot was dispersed, its paint restoring the wastelands to its former glory. However, he can easily reform between the remaining drippings and the inky darkness that now courses through Mickey. Also the infamous thief, the Phantom Blot is looking for ways to take advantage of that magic paint of his namesake counterpart.

Blotlings are the drippings of the Phantom Blot and even extend into the souls of cartoon characters the Shadow Blot collected in his rampages.