Queen of Hearts (2)

The Queen of Hearts

The Queen of Hearts is a client of the Devils, and one of several rulers of Wonderland in the world of the 1951 version of "Alice in Wonderland".

History and DescriptionEdit

An unnamed Wonderlandian human, the Queen is the current ruling matriarch of the Royal Card Family of Wonderland, having assumed control over the throne by utilizing the chaotic landscape of her world to her advantage, making a deal with the Devils, represented by Bill Cipher and his gang of inter-dimensional criminals, to maintain her power in exchange for feeding them the souls of her executed prisoners.

The reason the Devils were able to readily aid the Queen in ruling Wonderland is because that world is a powerful hub of Chaos magic due to being forged from the dreams of sleeping children from the beginning of time, which means that not only can powerful Chaotic spirits hold dominion, but the Devils can also hold considerable influence due to a strong connection between dark and chaos magic.

However, Bill is not the only Devil who makes his usual residence in Wonderland to embark in deals with the Queen. Sometimes, an even more feared creature has been seen lurking in the wastelands of the Live-Action counterpart of Wonderland...