Queen Grimhilde
Queen Grimhilde


Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


Friends on the Other Side


still dead; member of the Inner Circle; retains the ability to shift between her two forms

Whether in her cold, unfeeling "queen" form or her vicious, psychotic "hag" form, Queen Grimhilde is truly a terrible force to be reckoned with. This warped sociopath is a member of the Inner Circle, where she tends to support Maleficent's suggestions. This has earned her much scorn from more independent members who accuse her of being Maleficent's spineless toady, but that's an exaggeration on their part. Given his tendency to clash with Maleficent, the Horned King likes Grimhilde even less and hasn't been shy about saying so, but so long as Grimhilde maintains the support of the Friends on the Other Side (especially Chernabog), there's little he can do about it.

Grimhilde is idolized or worshiped across the multiverse by vain, petty, jealous, and vengeful villains. She continues to plot against Snow White, the dwarfs, her former huntsmen, and Zeus, and should the Friends win the war, she intends to take back her kingdom and set up a secret police force to hunt down all other attractive women there and put them to the sword. In the mean time, she works to undermine Queen Narisa and The Enchantress primarily out of spite because she views them as "fairer" then her, though she also once sold Pete some of her magic sleeping apples to help yet another of his attempts to shut down the House of Mouse (this time by ensuring it had no show - since he was allowed to close it down if the people running it couldn't put on a show - and no business since all its customers were asleep).