Mad Doctor
The Mad Doctor is a human from the C.C.C. world who now lives in Wasteland.

Description and biographyEdit

The Mad Doctor was a ruthless scientist who would have done anything to have the ways to achieve his thirst of knowledge… even give up his soul to the Friends. They gave him a set of modern devices much more sophisticated than anything he could have hoped for in the thirties, as well as some skeletons and ghosts for minions to haunt his caslte. For years, he was the Friends' most important mechanical genius; he was notably responsible for inventing the steampunk robot shark in James and the Giant Peach.

However, the Mad Doctor finally made a mistake when he kidnapped Mickey and Pluto and attempted to slice the former in half. Tied to the operation table, Mickey so wished it was all a dream… He wished that so strongly… Due to his important role in the High Council of Heroes, the Blue Fairy heard his wish at once even though he had not spoken out loud, and quickly granted it, altering reality; Mickey was back in his bed and the devilish doctor soon forgotten. 

Due to being forgotten, the Mad Doctor fell in the Wasteland, where he lied about his side and became acquainted with the local hero and ruler, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. He actually wanted to seize more powers through his important position as the King's friend, though his years pretending to be good still began to thaw the Doc's cold heart a little. None  the less, he did make his move, allying with another minion of the Friends, the Shadow Blot, and betraying Oswald, using an army of robots named the Beetleworx and converting himself into one to be safer because he would be a more solid organism. He would, however, work as an informant for the Nightmare Soldiers until the appearance of Gloom and Greed.

After the Blot's fall and one more failed attempt at conquering Wasteland, the Mad Doctor eventually switched sides for good, and joined back with Oswald, who introduced him to the High Council (never forgiving him, however). He is now a boxed crook (on Oswald's payroll and firm leash) and the Council's inventor, working alongside Gyro Gearloose from the Wasteland. The Friends have turned to geniuses in the Marvel world to help them in the tech department. XXX's current project is "reproducing artifacts from the greatest technological minds of the Power of the Stars", as he deems it. Gyro hasn't heard from him in a while...