Honest John
J Worthington Foulfellow
Honest John trying to get Pinocchio's soul.

Full Name

John Worthington Foulfellow




Friends on the Other Side



 Honest John (full name John W. Foulfellow) is an anthropomorphic fox from the Pinocchio world. Gideon the Cat (full name unknown) is an anthropomorphic cat from the same world. 

Description and biographyEdit

Honest John, like his mute partner Gideon the Cat, is a small-time criminal, a street crook always trying to lure naive people into giving him money or values. As they are frequently chased out of town, they have became world-travelers, and met many evil people from their world. Among them, the Coachman, one of the most powerful Devils in human form, and discovered the evil coachman's real identity. However, the coachman offered Honest John big amounts of money for capturing little boys and bringing them to the Coachman. Honest John's partner Gideon, however, is still unaware of the Coachman's real self and thinks he's just some type of enslaving mafioso. Actually, Gideon's so naive and stupid that he doesn't know about the war itself. But who cares ? Since this informal deal with the Coachman was made, the Friends occasionnaly tried to lure them into a formal deal and collect their souls, but Honest John's too wily to land on the Friends' payroll.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

J. Worthington Foulfellow is granted with sheer malice, a quite important physical strength compared to the one of a child, and great languages abilities. 

Gideon has no ability at all (even not the one of talking !). Actually, both the Friends and the High Council often wonder why Foulfellow is associated with such an ineffective fellow.