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Iron Man
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Iron man

Real Name

Tony Stark


Avengers Assemble


The High Council Of Heroes



The "Inventor" of the Marvel Universe, Tony Stark was

once a weapons dealer who experienced war and pain and in penitence donned Power Armor as The Atoner for having allowed Greed to let him bring pain to the world around him. Always striving towards a future where the Friends are defeated, Stark can sometimes clash heads with the other heads of the Marvel High Council due to some Well-Intentioned Extremist moments in trying to unite heroes against the many threats from suspicious citizens and the many supervillians. Both his closest friends Captain America and The Mighty Thor still believe that when things come down to it, Tony might have the best vision to defeat the friends and prepare the world for afterwards, and thankfully, the superhero community can always reign him in when he goes overboard.

In recent events, he used the Infinity Stones to defeat the army of Thanos, and died in the process. The location of his soul is unknown.