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Hercules is Zeus's Firstborn Son, and the General of the Armies of the High Council .

Birth, Youth, and Beginnings

Hercules's birth was a moment for celebration, as the presence of an heir from the strongest God was a moment to Hope for another strong commander for the war. Unfortunately Hades had turned to the side of the friends at the time, and as part of a secret ploy on the friends part, Hades plotted to kill Hercules to prevent the prophecy of his ascension from coming true. Unfortunately though his minions Pain and Panic failed to remove his super strength, and thus although Hercules was made a mortal, he survived. Zeus and Hera wept for days on end afterwards, as they had no easy way to contact their son in a way that he'd believe, and thus he grew up under the roof of a peasant family.

His youth was a...difficult time as his super strength made menial labor easy, but fitting in extremely difficult. On his 17th birthday though, his parents decided it was time to tell him about the war, as they'd been contacted by the High Council of Heroes, and told about his destiny when Hercules was younger. Going on a journey to Zeus's temple, Hercules learned of his divine family, and resolved to earn his way back into Olympus by any means necessary. To help him on the trip, Zeus gave Hercules back his childhood pet Pegasus, and after some "persuasion," Philotetes agreed to privately tutor Hercules as well as enroll him in the hero academy to help him become a god again.

War against Hades

Return to Godhood

Activities Since the Movie

Hercules may have given up the chance to be a god, but that doesn't mean that he still isn't active in his father's armies. He currently acts as the general of the land brigades, often on the front lines, defending innocents from the Devils with his super strength. He vdfgdaghas among the most first-hand experience in battling the Devils, having dispatched many of them personally, and he regularly discusses military strategy with Triton and Goliath.