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The Devils (also known as the Friends on the Other Side) are the ultimate evil beings in the Disney multiverse. They want to gather as many souls and as much fear energy as possible.

Origins Edit

The Devils originated in a dark world called Sheol during a time when evil was unheard of in the Multiverse. No one knows who their first leader was, but all that was known of him is that Chernabog deposed him and became their leader afterwards.

Disney War Edit

The first Disney War started when the god Zeus decided to oppose the reign of terror brought by the Devils. Gathering his siblings, the fairies and other benevolent beings, he warred against the Devils and prevailed. Chernabog and the Devils were then sealed away in the Other Side of the multiverse. The only time the Devils can leave Bald Mountain, a portal to the Other Side is only at night.

Society Edit

Devil society in short is decadent and depraved when it comes to moral values. They are lead by Chernabog and the Inner Circle, composed of the worst villains in the multiverse. The Devils use deals to lure in Clients, offering them power, riches or whatever it is in exchange for their service or the promise of souls. These clients are the most common villains in the Disney multiverse, though at mid-level. They can become powerful if they pay off their debts.

List of FriendsEdit