Cruella DeVil
Cruella at Roger Radcliffe's doorstep

Other Names

Mrs De Vil
The Devil Woman
The Vampire Bat


One Hundred and One Dalmatians


Friends on the Other Side


Alive, working with the Friends

Cruella DeVil is a living, human member of the Dark Masters initiative within the ranks of the Friends on the Other Side.

Description and BiographyEdit

This one's a bit complicated. Cruella is not like most of the Friends' clients. She's not a fighter, and her actions in the movie are completely unrelated to the Friends (though she did plan on giving them the ninety nine puppy souls afterward). Basically, she's an administrative worker for the Friends, responsible for deciding where certain clients/agents go and on occasion gives them a makeover, even if some of them prefer not to. She does her job efficiently enough that she has a prominent position with the Friends, who keep her very wealthy on Earth. She took part in the Halloween takeover of Disneyland as the brief ringleader of the villains. Her being in such good graces of the Friends (who are not normally known for their outstanding generosity) is actually because she is an experience of the Friends of a fundamentally evil soul, but with no supernatural powers whatsoever. Cruella is totally devoid of goodness.

However, Cruella's history is more significant to the Friends' plans than she realizes. Although she herself is fully human with an entire DeVil family lineage to her name, an earlier counterpart to her now residing in the Wasteland was a much deadlier force to reckon with. In fact, Cruella's predecessor was in truth an actual demon created through dark magic by 9 infamous witches aligned to the Friends, among their number being Demona, the Candy House Witches, Magica De Spell, and the witch known in Nazi Germany as Democracy in a cave in the nearby graveyard, intended to infiltrate human society and cause destruction and misery in her path. (reference #1)  Unfortunately, the idea was scrapped when the Fates chose to intervene in the creation of that world's history, instead choosing to establish the legitimately human family of DeVil in Colonial America, with their first member, Judge Dimsdale De Vil, first establishing contact with the Friends in order to ensure that his family would forever remain in the Devils' good graces as well as trap the town he held dominion over in a Brigadoon-style curse. Dimsdale's descendants would thus include such notable names as Malevola, Cecil B, P.H., Ivy, Carlos, and of course Cruella herself. The Friend Cruella was thus retroactively sent to the Wasteland, angrily awaiting the day when she would unleash her destructive dark magic upon the world that sent her to her imprisonment.


  1. In other words, the backstory given by Rodger Radcliffe in the deleted song The Creation of Cruella De Vil