Coachman Barker

Do you really think that the Coachman's operations could be a one-man job, especially in the time period in which Pinocchio takes place? The Coachman is amongst the most depraved and nefarious agents of the Friends, showing pure sadism in his work. Like Ursula and Facilier, the Coachman lures unsuspecting fools to him with promises of great things, then turns on them. While his first deal was simply the ability to turn children into donkeys, by racking up souls, the Friends sent an amusement park from the 21st century down to him, placing it on a remote island. Once that happened, the deals kept growing and growing - while at first they were simple things like wealth and steamboats, one of the most major deals he's made is having a good amount of people in the land by Pleasure Island turn a blind eye to it. One of the gifts granted to him from the Friends were his minions: heartless of corrupted gorillas who were suckered in by the Friends to join their team. Thanks to massive assistance from the Friends, Pleasure Island has been unable to be infiltrated by the High Council thus far, so he keeps the business going to this day. It's a brisk one, too: once the children are donkeys, the Friends get their souls, and the Coachman sells the donkeys for profit. Thanks to his constant repaying of his debts, the Coachman was invited to the Inner Circle by the friends. While he's less powerful than the other members seen within it, he is far more savvy of the modern world than many of his comrades, allowing them to remain inconspicuous when tasks require them to hide amongst those in modern times.