Big Bad Wolf
Zeke, the Big Bad Wolf

Real Name

Zeke Wolf


Disney Classical Cartoons World


Friends on the Other Side


Alive, theoretically working with the Friends although mostly ineffective.

The Big Bad Wolf, actually named Zeke Wolf, is an anthropomorphic wolf from the Disney's classical cartoons and comics' world.

Description and biographyEdit

Zeke Wolf was yet another attempt of the Friends to create a better version of Peg Leg Pete, and share some features with him (their suit, their voice). He was relying more on the bare strength than his predecessor, and was supposed to kill and eat anthropomorphic animals of his universe. Sadly, after one or two successful attempts that allowed him to pay his debt to the Friends, he started to desperately focus on catching the Three Little Pigs, which was a big mistake as one of them (Practical Pig) was one of the High Council's most efficient non-wizard agents. He failed everytime, of course, and eventually lost any interest in hunting anything else than the pigs. One of the consequences is that like Pete , he lost any direct connection to the Friends and took a quasi-neutral alignment. He's trying to get his son, Lil' Bad, to join the Friends, but to no avail.  The Friends mostly keep him around for their own amusement, and because he’s been good about his payments.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

His strong breath was a gift from the Friends. He doesn't need much else, since the area he's been assigned to terrorize doesn't have very many powerful souls. He can also relie on his bare physical strength, and is persuaded that he can invent schemes (which isn't what he was conceived for, leading him to fail everytime he tries).