Evil Gorilla
Beppo the gorilla
The Evil Gorilla as Beppo

Real Name

Beppo (first) Ajax (currently)


Disney Classical Cartoons World


Friends on the Other Side


Alive, albeit trapped in a cage


The Evil Gorilla is a devilish gorilla from the Disney classical cartoons. He has been known as Beppo or, later, as Ajax.

Biography and descriptionEdit

It is a known given fact that gorillas are peaceful creatures associated with the High Council. But there was one gorilla known as Beppo, who was monstrous, violent, bloodthirsty, and villanous from the very start. As you may have guessed, he was a creation of the Friends's Genetic Experiment Division. However, Julius soon noticed the strange gorilla and managed to trap him in a cage, which he sold to the zoo of Mouseton (Calisota). With help from the Friends, he managed to escape from the zoo, and fought Mickey Mouse, who with the help of his fiancee Minnie Mouse managed to send the nasty gorilla back to the zoo.

Later, as a way to promote technology as an answer against the Friends' evil magic, Mickey had Beppo fighting a mechanical man he had constructed, to test the Mechanical Man. Even if Beppo was eventually defeated, the fight did not turn as well as expected, and the idea of the Mechanical Man was scrapped. (But not for everybody, as the Friends copied its structure and gave it to Ratigan as a base for his Queen Moustoria animatronic). 

After that fight, the Mouseton zoo decided to sell Beppo (fur a still unknown reason). He was bought by the incompetent pet salesman Tony Dinero, from whom the gorilla easily escaped. Inspired by pictures of the movie King Kong, Beppo decided to kidnapp Minnie, but once more failed. He was then sent back to the zoo, but apparently the owners did not notice that it was the same  gorilla and renamed him Ajax. There he once more escaped, and inspired by the Friends headed to the house of one of the High Council's most active agents, Donald Duck, to destroy him. The duck managed to defeat the agent, and there was much sobbing in the end.

Beppo/Ajax is currently trapped in his cage of the zoo. However, since Julius was brought to the Wasteland before having warned anybody, neither Mickey or any High Council agent are informed of the diabolical nature of the gorilla, and they don't keep him very carefully. He may escape again…

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Ajax/Beppo is surprisingly intelligent for a wild beast. He has also a great physical strength, sometimes even enlarged by the Friends. His scary appearance can also frighten his enemies even before he really harms them, which happened notably with Donald Duck.